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Danville Storage Units

Storage or Moving in Danville

Ashboro Storage Units

If you’re located in Danville, VA or looking to make the move to Danville, our portable storage units are the perfect way to do so easily. It’s the convenient, scalable solution that fits your belongings and your lifestyle.

How it works

Our portable storage units come to you – just let us know when you are in the need of space and we’ll deliver storage units right to your door. Pack on the timeline that fits your needs and schedule, and then let us know when you’re ready to either go into storage or to make the move. Our drivers will either bring your packed units to our indoor, secured offsite warehouse or to your new location – it’s that easy. Unpack and unload as your schedule permits, then let us know that you no longer need the storage units – we’ll come back and remove the empty containers from your property in Danville.

About our Storage Units

We pride ourselves on not only our excellent customer service and competitive pricing, but on the quality of our units. Our storage containers are the most structurally sound, water tight units available on the market today. Each unit is vented to ensure proper airflow – a critical component to preventing mold and mildew that can damage belongings, as often occurs in traditional storage facilities. Each unit has an integrated roof system with a galvanized no-rust frame to prevent leaking.

Our units come in three sizes:  8′ x 10′, 8′ x 15′, or 8′ x 16′. Choose the unit that best fits your needs and if you still need more space, just add another unit. It truly is the scalable solution to storage.

Our Storage Facility

You have two choices for storage sites – either store at our secure storage warehouse or keep the units at your property. If you come into storage with us, your units will be in a secure facility on the ground floor with indoor space. You have full access to your belongings – just give us a 24 hour heads up so that we can have your unit ready.

If you store on your own property, just let us know when you are ready to move or no longer need the units – our drivers will remove the units from your property to either return them to us or deliver them to your new location.

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