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Chapel Hill Storage Units

Chapel Hill storage units – An easier alternative to traditional storage

Chapel Hill Storage Units

There are many reasons that people need storage solutions – from home remodels that require a place to temporarily store belongings at home, but out of the way, to temporary storage space to allow you to prepare for a move. Or, perhaps you have accumulated belongings that you want to keep, but do not have the space to store at home. Whatever the need, Mobile On the Spot has a convenient and affordable way to store all of your belongings in Chapel Hill, NC.

How it Works

In our 25 years in the business, we’ve seen it all – and one thing we’ve learned is that the moving and storage industry needed to evolve to bring convenience and flexibility.

Storage units are a relatively new method when it comes to moving and storage solutions. Our Chapel Hill, NC storage units are affordable, scalable, and convenient. Available in three sizes, our storage units provide a way to store and move your belongings without committing to or paying for excess space that you won’t use.

When you are ready, just give us a call or reserve your Chapel Hill storage unit through our website. Our drivers will deliver your unit(s) straight to your property so that you can pack and load without trekking back and forth between your home and storage unit – you can do it all without even starting the car and, better yet, on your own schedule. Once your unit is packed, let us know and we’ll pick it up and move it to its next destination – whether that means a new home or to longer term storage at our secure warehouse.

Affordable, scalable, and convenient – moving doesn’t get any easier. For more information, call us at 336-686-8004 or complete the form to the right to receive a free quote. If you would like to reserve your storage unit, please click the link below.

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