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Moving? Don’t Forget to Make This Change

Moving can be stressful especially due to the long to do list. Many have forgotten to add this to their list – transferring or getting new insurance. How can you make sure you do not miss this important task?

Don’t wait. Talk to you current insurance agent now! The process isn’t as tough as it seems. Below are some key questions to investigate about moving and transferring insurance. Have you talked to your agent?

If want to keep your current insurance company, give your agent a call. They can assist you finding a new agent or how to transfer your policies to your new address.

Are your prized possessions covered while you’re moving?

Depending on how you have chosen to move – hired movers, rental truck, a portable container, or do it yourself in the back of your trusted truck – your property may or may not be covered from the time it leaves your home until it arrives at your new destination.  So double-check your policy or call your agent.

If your own insurance policy won’t cover your possessions, you can get coverage through your moving company. By federal law, moving companies have to offer supplemental insurance for your property that will cover a set percentage of replacement costs, but you’ll need to increase that amount to get full coverage.

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