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Handle with Care — Tips for Packing Your Most Fragile Items

Handle with Care — Tips for Packing Your Most Fragile ItemsWhether it is your antique mirror you inherited from your great-grandmother or a set of china teacups you got on your wedding day, you need to take special care with your most fragile items when packing for a move or storage. While you will handle those items with care, you cannot necessarily trust your friends, family, or moving company to do the same, so you need to pack your precious possessions as carefully as possible.

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

China and Dishes — Pack china and dishes in boxes with plenty of cushioning material in the bottom. Wrap your pieces individually, placing the larger pieces on the bottom and the smaller pieces on top. Use packing paper to fill the spaces between items and add 2 to 3 inches of crushed paper at the top of the box before closing it.

Glassware — Wrap all of your glasses individually in packing paper and place smaller items inside larger items with a layer of crushed paper between to cushion them. Use small or medium-sized boxes for your glassware and line the bottom with plenty of packing paper or Bubble Wrap.

Lamps/Shades — When possible, box up your lampshades with the flat side down and wrap them with plenty of paper. Lamp bases can be packed with packing paper or Bubble Wrap and placed in a large box if extra security is needed.

Pictures/Mirrors — Framed pictures and mirrors should be wrapped individually in paper or Bubble Wrap and stored in small or medium-sized boxes. If the frames are larger than 8 inches, place them in a box standing up with plenty of paper between each item. For very large framed items, over 3 feet, wrap the item in a moving blanket then with plastic wrap to keep the blanket in place.

Specialty/Oddly Shaped Items — When packing oddly shaped or specialty items, you need to consider which parts of the item are most likely to break. If the piece has a handle or another protruding element, wrap it in Bubble Wrap and secure it with tape. For extra security, place the item on a piece of cardboard then cover it with another piece and bend the edges together the enclose the item, then tape the cardboard in place.

When packing your most fragile items, you should feel free to use a little creative license. If you don’t have a lot of packing paper or newspaper on hand, use old towels, table linens, or small blankets. Make sure to use tape or plastic wrap to secure the wrappings on your fragile items, and make sure to label the boxes so anyone handling them knows to use extra caution.

5 Tips for Packing Your Mobile Storage Unit

5 Tips for Packing Your Mobile Storage UnitNo matter how you look at it, moving is a hassle. Packing up all of your belongings just to transport them and then unpack them again takes a great deal of time and money. There are, however, a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the task of packing your mobile storage unit easier — you’ll find these tips listed below:

1. Use All the Space Available

Mobile on the Spot Storage units come in three different sizes — 8×10, 8×15, and 8×16 — so choose the size that is right for you and make use of all the space available. This means placing heavy, sturdy items on the floor and stacking lighter objects on top of them. Check for stability as you go to make sure that nothing shifts during the move.

2. Create an Aisle

Whether you are using a portable storage unit to store your belongings during a remodel or you are packing up the house for a move, you’ll want to make sure you can still access your items if you need to. You will begin packing your unit at the back, but you would be wise to leave an aisle down the middle so you can still access those items — you can fill in the aisle before you close up the unit to move it.

3. Conserve Space Where Possible

Playing off of tip number 1, try to conserve as much space as you can in order to maximize the available storage space. This means placing linens and blankets in drawers or cupboards, sliding smaller boxes under chairs, and positioning your furniture so it takes up as little space as possible in the portable storage unit.

4. Label Everything

While you are packing everything up, you may think that you’ll remember exactly what went into each box, but when it comes time to unpack, you may find yourself digging through boxes to find that one item you need. To avoid this hassle, label each box clearly with not only what items are in it but also in which room that box belongs to make unloading more efficient.

5. Keep an Inventory

Whether you have one portable storage unit or many, you would be wise to keep an inventory of what is inside. To keep track of all of your belongings, you may want to number your boxes and then list the items in each box on your inventory.

Moving can be a challenge and a time-consuming task, but with these five tips you can make the most of your Mobile On The Spot portable storage unit.

Pack Like a Pro – Safeguard Your Furniture

If you’re getting ready to move or go into storage, packing like a pro is a must to keep your belongings safe. Furniture, in particular, is one item that is frequently overlooked in terms of packing protectively.

Because of its large size, many people have a tendency to put a piece of furniture as-is in the storage unit, and then cover it with a blanket. While this may work for fabric furniture, leather and wood items are nearly guaranteed to incur scratches and knicks – not to mention that this method leaves all furniture vulnerable to tears.

Take a few extra moments to protect your furniture by packing it properly. Invest in proper moving blankets and packing tape. For wood furniture, such as desks or tables, first lay down a packing blanket, then lay the furniture flat side down. Bring up the sides of the blanket, then tape around the blanket to tightly secure it in place. If you need additional blankets, use them. Form the blankets around the shape of the piece (do not wrap tables like a big square) and securely fasten them in place with the tape.

This same principle applies to bigger items like sofas or chairs – make sure that they are fully covered with blankets or wrapping plastic, then tape the materials securely in place.

Even though the portable storage containers are a huge improvement from large moving tractor trailers, your belongings are susceptible to damage any time they are on the move. By taking the time to individually wrap them with the proper materials, you are able to protect your belongings and investment, ensuring that you can enjoy them at your new residence as much as you did in your current space.

Is it A Necessity to Possess Renters Insurance Protection?

Property owners typically possess an insurance policy that will cover the apartment building they own. However, their insurance coverage will not protect you against losses or damages that occur to your property. If you come to the conclusion that you need protection against personal property losses you will have to obtain your own apartment renters insurance policy.

If you would like to get the cheapest rates for the best apartment renters insurance protection there are a number of significant things that you must mull over. Following a few time-proven guidelines will allow you to buy the protection you want at a less expensive cost.

There are two kinds of protection that you must sincerely think about purchasing, personal renters insurance and liability insurance. Personal renters insurance will cover your belongings due to damages or losses caused by blazes, theft, water-related damage (excluding floods), and additional actions. Liability insurance protection will cover medical bills, legal expenditures, and additional fees related to injuries sustained by individuals on your residence. Both kinds are important.

The first thing you should establish is the amount of protection you should obtain. For personal property it is most often ideal to purchase “replacement” protection instead of “cash value” protection. Cash value protection will pay you for the actual current value of your property, which will normally not be an adequate amount to pay to replace your personal belongings. Conversely, replacement insurance coverage will compensate you for the total amount it would cost to replace your property. For the small difference in cost between these two kinds it’s a good idea to purchase enough apartment renters insurance to replace your property.

If someone gets hurt in your apartment they have the right to file a suit. Lacking personal liability insurance you could conceivably lose all assets and investments you have ownership of in a lawsuit including monies in your savings account, stocks, and additional monies. Total up your assets and investments so you will be able to identify the amount of personal liability insurance coverage you require to defend yourself from financial ruin.

Insurance comparison websites, found on the internet, are the easiest method for locating top-rated agencies offering cheap rates. There are numerous web sites that are able to supply you with insurance quotes from scores of A-rated agencies. When you have found the cheapest rate that you can buy apartment renters insurance for, the next job is to converse with one of their agents on the telephone to ask about their discounts.

All agencies give discounts for certain things and you need to unearth every price reduction that you meet the criteria for. For example, price reductions can be available due to age, if you are a non-smoker, if you belong to certain organizations, and various additional things. Tell the representative you want them to list every discount or price reduction they offer so that you can figure out which ones you are eligible for. You can also be given price reductions if you have burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and additional safety items.

To protect yourself as much as you can you must keep documents verifying your property. To avert potential misunderstanding in the aftermath of a loss you must keep a thorough record of all your property. The best method to keep a record is on videotape. Videotape all of your belongings so that you will have visual proof of your possessions in the event that all is consumed by a blaze or some other calamity. As a substitute for videotape use a camera. It’s also beneficial to retain receipts for all major purchases somewhere away from your residence along with a second collection of copies at a different site. If you can prove what you owned and how much they cost, it will put you in a much better position should there be a disaster.

Ways to Extend your Home

Single Story Extensions:

Extending your home with a single story extension as opposed to moving to a new house can prove to be a more economic and satisfactory solution that suits your family’s present and future needs. A new extension is a sensible investment that can add to the value of your home and provide the additional internal space required enabling you to make the most effective use of your accommodation.

Double Story Extensions:

A two story extension can make a substantial difference to your home, not only giving you extra space in your lounge, kitchen, dining room or other living areas, but also increasing the available bedroom accommodation or providing an additional bathroom. This type of extension often gives you enough space to avoid having to move home, at a cost which is far more affordable.

Side Return Extension:

A side return extension is usually used to create extra space in existing rooms or to re-arrange your interior floor plan to create extra space that could include: bedrooms, bathrooms or living space. Side return extensions can also be combined with rear extensions to form a wrap-around extension.

Conservatory Extensions:

Investing in a conservatory extension is a wise move that will add value to your property and provide room that is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. By purchasing a conservatory, you’re not just buying another room… ‘you’re investing in a whole new way of life.’

The Cube:

The Cube design has been developed with the following key functions in mind; sustainable development, per-fabricated construction methods, visual impact and cost efficiency. The major benefit of The Cube extension is that it can be installed for the same cost as a glass roof conservatory, which means you get the benefit of thermal mass construction providing great energy efficiency, large glazing with bi-fold doors and frame less skylights, allowing maximum day light penetration and amazing opportunity for evening star gazing when relaxing or entertaining.

House Extension prices:

An extension to your house can be a easier option to moving for gaining more living space, but how much will it cost for types of extension of different sizes? As a rough idea you can typically say that it will cost $1000 per m2 or $93 per ft2 including basic plumbing and electrician work. This price is per unit area of internal floor space and so a 5x4m single floor extension will have a total floor area of 20m2 and a double story will have 40m2.

Typically, single story house extension costs will cost more per meter squared than a double story. In theory a triple story would cost less still. In practice the difference in cost may be small though. The price per square meter also depends on the size of the property. There are basic costs that don’t increase too much with size and hence the cost per square meter will decrease as the floor area increases.

Where do I start:

A general process for getting an extension built might be

1. Sketch out some plans/ideas yourself

2. Approach an architect and get some detailed drawings made

3. Apply for planning permission

4. Get some quotes in (can be done before planning permission if not sure on budget I guess)

5. Agree contract with builder.

A useful suggestion that some people have done is to break down the payment into different sections based upon completion of job.

This is just a simplified overview, you will also need to get building regulations approval and permission (at least no dispute) from your neighbors as well.

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